School Life

It's very weird going to school everyday, in German.. I still just can't really believe it. But it's been pretty good so far. I'm understanding most things and I think I will definitely be able to keep up with my classmates. I hope it continues like this and doesn't get too intense (my first big test is in the first week of September, I'm a little scared for that)... but I think I will be fine. It's good to have a challenge like this. I'm so happy that I'm so close to being fluent (I'm guessing 6 months and I'll be there), and I'm glad that I'm finally being forced to find my own friends, instead of just being friends with Jakob's friends. For the first time I'm really starting to feel like I have my own life here.

Here's my outfit from today, I know it's pretty boring, but I really like the pictures for some reason ^__^



I didn't like any of the pictures of this outfit, but this one turned out ok I think ^__^ 
Mew mew mew

Riding Pants

Here's my riding outfit, I have a lesson tomorrow and I'm so excited :D These pants are soooo comfortable, I want to wear them every day.. haha ^^ 

Top- Nordstrom Rack
Riding Pants: HKM
Chaps: Cavallo
Ankel boots: Ebay


No sleep for meee

Last night was so terrible, I couldn't sleep at all and there was this huge noisy bug in our room, so Jakob and I had to keep getting up to try to find it and get rid of it because it was sooo gross and it even flew right into the side of his face :O I'm just happy it didn't fly into my face.. 

Today was the orientation day at Lette Verein, and normal classes start tomorrow.. wahhh.

OOOh and Jakob and I have the house to ourselves for the next two weeks because his parents went on vacation, so that's cool :D



I've always hated brown and never ever wore it but it's starting to grow on me.... ^__^


First Days at Lette Verein/Store Ideas

Tomorrow I promise to take some pictures at Lette Verein so you can see where I will be spending the next three years, but for now just a quick update!

This week I've been doing the preparation sewing class, which is just like a little introduction to the machines (industrial ones! eee! They are soooo fast), and learning some basic stiches and stuff like pleats, zippers, etc. It's been pretty low key. I'm excited to start with the actual classes on Monday! I have no idea what they will be yet.. but I'm sure it will be fun ^__^

I can't really believe that I am starting school.. in Germany... to become a fashion designer. Whattt??
It's so exciting though.. I can't wait to be able to make actual things that are nice.

I'm also planning on making things to sell as soon as I can sew well enough. I've already come up with a name and possible symbol/logo for my store.. I haven't decided yet if I will use Big Cartel or Storeenvy. If you have any experience with those sites please let me know your opinion! At the moment I'm leaning towards Big Cartel.. just because the site seems much cleaner and it looks better. But Storeenvy is free free free all the time for everything so I don't know!

The name of my store/brand is Blackthorn Clothing. It's going to be a kind of random mix of dark/mature goth/tribal/bellydance influence/weird/bondagey/anime/feral/forest/fantasy inspired clothes and bags and maybe eventually leather accessories and also maybe jewelry!

Obviously this is a far in the future plan but I hope to get it started with just a few things in the next couple months!