Looks Looks

I got home much earlier than usual after school today so I decided to take some pictures.. mew mew, not too exciting, but oh well ^^

Bag- c/o Nowistyle, tights- Calvin Klein, shoes- Ebay, top- ???, skirt- H&M

Sweater- TK Maxx, shorts- c/o Nowistyle, collar- c/o Nowistyle



Today was cold and sunny and perfect for walking around and enjoying the last days of fall :3 I really really wanted to go to a cafe so Jakob and I went to the Eberswalderstr. and walked around for a while trying to find some place that wasn't too full.. eventually we came to the Morgenrot cafe (a place we had been wanting to go to anyways, its a left/vegetarian/awesome cafe), and stayed there a while, eventually Ludwig showed up too. I had a heiße Zitrone, which is basically lemon juice and hot water and honey. Yuuummmm. Later we went to another cafe, and then when it was getting dark we went home!

Heiße Zitrone
My favorite part of my outfit today..

 Our table at Cafe number 2 (it's called Krone)

Scarf & sweater- c/o Nowistyle, jacket- J. Crew


The Perfect Christmas Dress

Yes, I know it's a little early to start thinking about Christmas as it's not even Halloween, but there's already Lebkuchen at the Supermarket (German Christmas cookie-like similar-but-different-than gingerbread things that I looove), so I have begun my search for the perfect christmas dress! I've wanted to get a special Christmas dress for years, but have never actually managed to do it. So this year I really want to. Here are some ideas of what I think I would like..

Bild 1 von Prey of London – PaillettenkleidBild 1 von Prey of London – Chiffonkleid mit Knotendesign
Bild 1 von Prey of London – PaillettenkleidBild 1 von Sister Jane – Ausgestelltes Tweed-Kleid in Metallic-Optik mit Kragen und Manschetten aus Kunstleder
Bild 1 von sister jane – Plissiertes Chiffonkleid mit nietenverziertem Kragen aus Kunstleder
Dresses by Prey of London, Sister Jane, and Wal G


Photoshoot & Stuff

Yesterday I did another photoshoot with Nina (http://ninareichmannphotography.blogspot.de) which went really well, I love the pictures! They are just for Lookbook so they aren't terribly interesting, but I think they turned out very nice. Here are a couple of my favorites, the rest you will see as I post them on Lookbook over the next couple of days!

It was really funny because I was wearing the outfit in the first pictures (including the horns ^^) on the way to meet Nina on the Friedrichstraße, and all the old people were just so bewildered by me :D They kept whispering to each other hahah :D I love my horns so much, I can't wait to wear them to a club!

Oooh and I can't believe how long my hair is getting :O

And here is one last picture from my Minneapolis visit, mew mew mew I really want a puppy now :3

That is all, I think I will be doing a lot of photoshoots soon though, so that's good :) I really want to do something with lingerie, hee hee hee :3 Just have to buy some first ^^


Feel Like Death

I feel so awful. I made a brilliant decision to stay up all night last night and now I'm just like.. dying.
Last night was pretty much perfect though, except that I've been feeling really sick :( Blahhhh
I'm actually really sad to be leaving. I will miss my family a lot and friends and I met a lot of people here that I would love to actually hang out with but obviously that can't happen :( So that's dumb.. I really hope that I will be able to visit sooner than summer 2014. But money. Mrahh.

So this week was pretty much insane.. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night I was hanging out with friends (Izzy visited yayy), staying up way too late and having a lot of fun but I'm definitely paying for it now -.-

Here are some photos from the last few days.. I'm leaving for the airport in a few hours. I can't wait to get in bed.


Apple Orchard & Shopping

 Today we met my mom's cousin Jason who is visiting for two days. We went to the apple orchard and had a lovely time with lots of interesting conversation! It was cold and windy and absolutely gorgeous. I had apple pie with cinnamon ice cream ^^ yum yum :3

Later we went to Laura's house, and Grandma Bonnie arrived at the airport! So we went shopping for a long time and it was very nice, I have been doing so much in the last few days, but it is nice to catch up on all of the things I was missing.

Here are some pictures from the apple orchard!


Lunch & Lake Minnetonka

Today was my "special day" with my Dad, so we went to get pastries for breakfast, and to have lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant, Gandhi Mahal, and then we drove to Minnetonka and walked around the lake! It was beautiful weather and I'm so happy that I got to see my favorite lake ^^