Drawings ~~

 Just a little update with some recent drawings (remember these have nothing to do with design, just practicing technique ^^)


New Hair!

I cut my haiiiir~! Well at least I cut a chunk of my hair. Haha. I don't really know if I can call it an undercut, because isn't that just when it's shaved on the bottom? Oh well. I was inspired by Murderotic, and I absolutely love how it turned out! I also really like that I can easily completely cover it up if I part my hair a little more in the middle. What do you thiiink? <3

I also just included some pictures I took today while we were walking around :)


Holiday Fair

Today I went with my friend Luise, who coincidentally also went to a Waldorf school, to the "Holiday Fair" at her old school. There it's called a Basar, but it was pretty much exactly like the Minnesota Waldorf School's Holiday Fair. There was food (I tried roasted chestnuts for the first time ever! Yummm!), activities for kids (and us), a gnome cave (in German eine Zwergenhöhle), lots of vendors, and lots of people! It was actually pretty crazy how similar it was to MWS. The buidings even looked pretty similar.

Here is a picture of Luise and me with our Lebkuchen that we decorated ^___^ It was so cute, first we went into this little cave and chose a Lebkuchen (there were tons of them hanging on a little house), and then we decorated them! :3

Süß, oder? :D


Musik o(>< )o

Someone in my class (Fabi) ^^ asked me today what music I listen to. So, since I'm terrible at communicating, I said I would just write a blog post about it ^^ Honestly I haven't been listening to music very much lately at all.. because Jakob is almost constantly on Ableton working on songs, and I don't like listening to music on headphones very much (at least not at home, I actually love my headphones (these:headphones, not too expensive, but awesome for the price and I love how they look)... sooooo here are just some songs that I like/love/have loved/will always love.

Qno- tanz der zuckerfee (mollono bass remix)
IAMX- Spit It Out
Boris Brejcha - SET 2012
The Toxic Avenger - Toxic is Dead
Haschplatte - Freitag ist Hightag
of Montreal- Plastis Wafers
Frittenbude - Mindestens in 1000 Jahren
I don't know it's good
Solid Gold - Who You Gonna Run To
Royksopp - What Else is There (Trentemoller remix)
Mrahhh :3
Designer Drugs - Zombies!
Hard elektro

VAST- Touched

K.I.Z.- Walpurgisnacht
Rap-bass-K.I.Z. jooo


Kollektionsgestaltung Klausur

Today was the test in my collection-development class. We choose one of a few pictures that our teacher gave us, and had to design a 5-look collection inspired by it. The picture I chose was of some papers layered on top of each other and tied with a string. Hope you like ^___^


Zyankali & Al Hamra

Here are a few pictures from this week/today.. Lea and I had to work on our presentation that we are doing in Sozialkunde (Social Studies) about Portugal, and afterwards as a reward we went to the bar she works at, Zyankali, which is a bar with a kinda chemist/weird/I don't know theme. We had cocktails in chemistry beakers and ginger vodka shots :D

Today Jakob, Ludwig, and I walked around in the cold for a long time, around the Eberswalder, Mauerpark, and eventually to the Kollwitzplatz, and went to one of my favorite cafes/bars (actually the place where I had my first cocktail in Berlin ^^), Al Hamra. I really love that bar because it has such a nice atmosphere, it's always very dark and has lots of candles and they play really good music, like kinda chilled electro and middle eastern music. And the basement is the best, its like a dark cave with tons of couches and you can also get a shisha there (hookah)! I love it.

Lea & I at Zyankali
Our lovely drinks :)
"Pimple-popping forbidden" gross but it made me laugh XD
Some of the decorations at Zyankali
Ludwig & Jakob @ the empty fleamarket
Mew :3
Mew mew :3
Our table at Al Hamra

Pretty bottles :3



Today we went to a music store in the Kulturbrauerei, which is this place.. in Berlin.. with cool buildings and lots of shops. It was actually the first time I've ever been there not at night and not surrounded by drunk people, and noticed its actually really pretty. 

I really miss Minneapolis. I hope someday I will make enough money to have two houses, one in each country. I'm really sad that I have to wait a year to go back.. I hate that I'm not allowed to work here :( I'm really happy with how things turned out, and it's awesome to live in Berlin, but it's also just really dumb because now I feel like I will never feel completely happy living in either city.

Sorry the photos are not that great -.- But I absolutely love this shirt that my friend Luise gave me :3
I'll try to take better pictures with it soon, its amazing ^^


The first two drawings are from my class, Kollektionsgestaltung, which is something like Collection Development. This collection is based on variations of my original skirt design (which you can see in a previous post). Main themes are: sportswear, B/W contrast, the shape of the pockets, and the ombre effect.
The last drawing is just some random thing I drew in Modedarstellung (my fashion illustration class).
Hope you like <3
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Here are a couple of random drawings that I've done in Stellungszeichnen (one of my three drawing classes). So far we have been working on pretty basic things, but I wanted to show some of those anyways so that when I upload drawings later, you can see how much I have improved ^__^
My portfolio & drawing board
Natural & mechanical versions of the hand
Drawing from a model
Practice drawing clothes, especially  folds in fabric


Future Adventures

Lately I've wanted so badly to just go somewhere, where I've never been before, and explore and have adventures and take pictures.. I want to have an interesting, amazing life >__< and I feel like I am so lame for not taking advantage of all the places that I could so easily get to from Berlin. I wish I could motivate myself to do things more often.. but it always seems like there is an excuse.. I'm tired, or sick, or don't want to spend money, or whatever. But I want to see the castles in Germany and I want to see mountains and forests.. I just need to do it.

So I'm making a resolution of sorts, and posting it here (therefore making it more legit?). I want to go somewhere new/get on a random train for an hour and explore whatever I find/have adventures as often as possible!

I think one of the best ways to fulfil that is to do more WWOOF things.. so I think I will try to find something for the winter or easter break. I'm already planning on going back to Ramshyttan for two weeks in the summer, so maybe I will go somewhere else after that and make it a month.


If you have any suggestions for places to visit close to Berlin please let me know!


Winter Is Coming

Here are some my favorite pieces (all from ASOS) for this Winter! I love fall/winter fashion. This winter my favorite things are: huge hoods, winter florals, oversized  and cropped sweaters, knee-length skirts, stockings, lots of layers, black leather boots, and for colors: wine red, black, brown, grey, white, beige.

Bild 1 von ASOS – Übergroßer Mantel mit PelzkragenBild 1 von One Teaspoon – Parka mit Strick- und Fellverzierungen

Bild 1 von The Orphans Arms – Lost In Sin Crop – Raglan-Sweatshirt
Bild 1 von The Orphan's Arms – Frankenstein's Monster – Sweatshirt mit Raglanärmeln

Bild 1 von Warehouse – Verziertes KleidBild 1 von Paul and Joe Sister – Geblümtes Tageskleid

Bild 1 von Ganni – Strickkleid mit Fairisle-MusterBild 1 von American Vintage – Pulloverkleid mit farblich abgesetzten Raglanärmeln

Bild 1 von American Apparel – KapuzenkleidBild 1 von Evil Twin – All That Remains – Minikleid im Bahnendesign
Bild 1 von ASOS WHITE – WARRIOR – Bikerstiefel aus Leder
Bild 1 von Dr Martens – Reinvented Avery – Schwarze, gemusterte Samtstiefel mit 10 Ösenpaaren