Outfits & Happy New Year!

The fireworks have started already.. I'm a little scared of Berlin on New Year's Eve (Silvester).. I've been here for the last 2, and seriously, it gets waaay too intense! I hope we will find some party to go to so we can stay inside .__.

Today a took a few outfit pictures with my leggings from Oasap, and a few things from Nowistyle. I really really love these leggings. I think I will wear the first outfit to go out tonight! Maybe just a little different. I don't think I can wear such high shoes since we will be walking around a lot (and drinking) (and tons of people), I just don't want to be dying of feet-pain!

Sweater- c/o nowistyle, Dress- Forever 21, Leggings- Oasap, Shoes- Weekday

Sweater- made by me, Skirt- c/o nowistyle

Sweater- c/o nowistyle


More Christmas-y Things

Today we had tea, cake, and Stollen with Jakob's family and grandparents. The table looked so pretty (like always!), we had the Mandelstollen that Jakob and I gave to the family, and Jakob's dad made a peach cake. Yum yum yum.

The beautiful table all set

The last lighting of the advent candles

Delicious Mandelstollen (this is what was in the goose-shaped present!)

Rose Sekt and peach pie with whipped cream :3

One of the presents I got from my parents, I saw this at a store when I visited in the fall and I thought it was so beautiful!

A necklace I got from my sister Audra

Here you can see it better, it's so pretty!



I have been so lazy in the last few days. All I've been doing is internet, cooking, eating, and that's about it! The one thing I managed to do is draw a little, but I haven't managed to do much else.. But I really want to do a post with pictures of all the lovely presents I got! So I will do that soon.

Anyway, since there are tons of sales happening right now I thought I would share my favorite items that I have found! I'm not buying anything for myself, but I think it's always really fun to "window shop", and it's good for me to get inspiration for outfits and drawings!

Eleven Paris Mendel Onepiece
Cheap Monday Terumi Sweater

Nasty Gal Bandit Dress
Bild 4 von Sister Jane – Schlaghose mit Brokat
Sister Jane Brocade Pants
Bild 1 von ASOS – Taillengürtel mit Metallpfeil- und Nietenverzierung

Motel Jenna Loose Knit Jumper
Zara Embellished Sash Belt


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!! I love Christmas so much. This year I really missed Minnesota though :( Here are some pictures.. I will probably have to do a second Christmas post though :)

Some of the Christmas cards that I made this year :3
My slippers!

Creative present wrapping... inside is a Mandelstollen! YUM!

Our Christmas tree and presents!

Pretty decorations at the KaDeWe

More decorations!



Just having some fun with photoshop :D
I really love my horns, they're probably my favorite accessory that I have ^__^

Riding Outfits

I've been taking a break from horsebackriding (because of stressful school/it's freezing outside/etc), but since riding outfits are one of the biggest searches leading to my blog, I thought I could do a post with outfits with my riding pants! I wear them at least twice a week, just for normal wear, because I love how they look and they are also sooo comfortable! And warm. Ok now I think I made it clear that I love my riding pants. :D

Now for some outfits!
I will post them on Lookbook over the next few days :)
Tell me which ones are your favorites!

Scarf- H&M, Top- H&M, Riding Pants- HKM, Boots- Vagabond

Sweater- c/o nowistyle
Sweater- made by my Mom

Sweater- c/o nowistyle

Sweater- c/o nowistyle, Bag- c/o nowistyle


Look in Red

I don't really think that I look good in red. It was really hard for me to find something to go with this shirt because I never wear bright red, but I kinda like how it turned out. It reminds me a little of Mario XD
Are there any colors you think don't look good on you? For me it's pretty much any bright colors.. but especially red and purple. But I looove muted or dark red and purple, they are my favorite ^^

Today I went through all of my clothes and made a pile of things I want to use for outfit posts, so there will be lots more soon! :3 

Shirt- c/o nowistyle, Skirt- H&M, Boots- Weekday


Classic Contrast- our finished Semester Project!

We're dooooneee!!! YAY! I'm so happy to be done with all of this stress. Today was the Abnahme and it went pretty well! I'm so relieved. (Most) of the teachers liked our collection, and one in particular (who is notoriously hard to please) really, really loved it. SO YAYYY!

Today we also had to hand in our variations (8 designs) of our skirt, but I didn't manage to take any pictures of mine before I handed it in.. so I'll just upload some pictures when I get it back, and then maybe I can also say what my grade was..as long as I'm happy with it, haha ^^

What do you think of our collection? I think under the circumstances we did very well. A group of 5 extremely different personalities, all with very different and sometimes clashing personal styles, but we managed to work together really well. I'm proud of our little group ^^

And last of all, thank you soooo much to my wonderful model Giulia! 


Es ist vorbei!!! Ooooohh ich bin so glücklich. Heute war die Abnahme, und es ging gar nicht so schlecht! (Ich bin allerdings glücklich, dass die Lehrern meinen Saum nicht angeguckt haben ^^)

Ich habe leider bis jetzt keine Fotos von meinen Variationen gemacht, aber sobald ich die wieder habe, lade ich ein paar Bilder hoch :)

Freaky Eyes

I did a little experimenting with makeup, and this is with tons of eyeliner on the bottom of my eye and white eyeshadow on the lid ^^ It looks super weird I think! But anyways, this is a comfy winter outfit that I think I will wear quite often ^^ I love the pattern of the sweater, and it's sooo soft. And since my skirt project at school I've been a little in love with classic pencil skirts.. sigh.


Ich habe ein Makeup-experiment gemacht ^^ Sieht ein bisschen komisch aus, aber es macht Spaß, neue Sachen auszuprobieren ^^ Dieser Pulli ist so schön und kuschelig :3 Und seit meinem Semesterprojekt bin ich ein bisschen in klassischen Röcken verliebt ^^

Sweater- c/o nowistyle, Skirt- Weekday Collection, Shoes- Zalando


Advent Outfit

I love the holidays! Sundays during Advent are so nice here, we always have afternoon tea (with an advent wreath and candles) and a family dinner. Today it's been snowing all day and it really just feels like the perfect winter day. We opened the window and the air smelled like snow, it made me so happy ^___^

Today I also took some outfit pictures! I need to style a bunch of looks with the clothes that nowistyle gave me, so I managed to a least get a couple done today. I wish I was the kind of blogger that could just always take pictures of what I wear on the same day I wear it, but I just never have time or energy when I get home!

I'm really proud of the makeup I did today, I've always been pretty terrible at makeup but I want to try experimenting a little, and today it turned out really good I think! It's inspired by Geishas so thats why my face is so super white ^^ Hope you enjoy :) Ooh and I re-dyed my hair, so it's properly black again yay!


Ich liebe Weihnachten und Advent! Heute hat es geschneit, und es ist so unglaublich schön! Ich bin so glücklich dass es schon so viel Schnee gibt, letztes Jahr gab es einfach gar kein Schnee :(

Heute habe ich ein paar Looks fotografiert! Ich muss noch ziemlich viele Bilder machen, weil ich so viele schöne Kleidung von Nowistyle bekommen habe.

Sorry das ich noch nicht so gut auf Deutsch schreiben kann ^^ Ich versuche aber mehr auf Deutsch zu schreiben, es ist gut für mich zu üben!

Top- Global Village, Skirt- c/o nowistyle, Boots- Ebay, Necklace- was my grandma's

Inspiration: Designers doing what I want to do~

Here are some of my favorite pieces from some newly-discovered favorite designers...